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Jason Coates

JC by reputation is a man for all financial seasons. His career started in 1989 when there was a serious recession as a result of the UK entering the European Exchange Mechanism. Watching the recession unfold with his eagle eye JC began to acquire prime real estate in Notting Hill causing him to earn the popular sobriquet of “Prince of Notting Hill”. Following his outstanding success he expanded, incorporating the areas of Mayfair, South Kensington and other prime...

Michael Sung

Dr. Michael Sung is a high-tech innovator and entrepreneur, and has started a number of successful ventures in the advanced materials and semiconductor industries. He is the Chairman of CarbonBlue Innovations, a tech transfer platform and investment fund that is focused on connect internationally-sourced innovation to China, particularly in the areas of blockchain, artificial intelligence, electric/autonomous vehicles, Industry 4.0, and semiconductor technologies.