Jason Coates

JC by reputation is a man for all financial seasons. His career started in 1989 when there was a serious recession as a result of the UK entering the European Exchange Mechanism. Watching the recession unfold with his eagle eye JC began to acquire prime real estate in Notting Hill causing him to earn the popular sobriquet of “Prince of Notting Hill”. Following his outstanding success he expanded, incorporating the areas of Mayfair, South Kensington and other prime areas of central London.

Having built up a highly successful real estate business JC sought out and discovered a similar landscape in terms of recession recovery real estate investment – this time in Spain. This also led him to diversify into sporting event real estate in the same country. Having built up a wide network of contacts worldwide, Jason took a calculated risk and invested heavily in Valencia and the Americas Sailing Cup event, buying up land and apartments around the port. Later it was acknowledged to be the most attractive America’s Cup event port ever constructed, having been designed by such highly regarded architects as Sir David Chipperfield and Santiago Calatrava.

JC’s next venture was to house around 600 members of the Americas Cup over a four year period, thereby giving back something of real service to Valencia. As a result JC was awarded the accolade of best ever accommodation provider to the Americas Cup.

In the midst of this success JC never took his eye off the ball and took the bold decision to monetise as he recognised that a huge economic recession and property crash was again on the horizon. The timing of the sale of assets was perfect. At the same time JC met Lord Coe of the Olympic Development Authority and informal discussions began about the possibility of a joint venture between the ODA, Lend Lease and Jason’s real estate business. However due to the banking and sub-prime mortgage crisis the accommodation build out programme was reduced from 8000 units to 4050 so JC with his lightening abilities to seize opportunities, swiftly moved to acquire apartments around the Olympic Zone in a difficult market and with no banking finance.

Following on from this, Jason went on to acquire some of the finest example of prime real estate in Knightsbridge and Belgravia leading to his achieving sales prices which have become legendary.Currently Jason is looking at the Tokyo 2019 Rugby World Cup; the 2020 Olympics; Catalan Independence and London Brexit opportunities.

Most importantly, with his wealth of experience and worldwide contacts, Jason is seeking opportunities in “The One Belt One Road” investment plan in China, which is the vision of Xi Jin Ping. This is a $1.7 trillion venture which will provide overland and maritime communication connecting China with over 65 other countries across Europe, Asia, and Africa. Wherever new developments will be situated – railroads, ports, power plants – eco systems and residential developments will be needed. With JC’s powerful Asian network of connections his pivotal capabilities lie in analysing the unique opportunities to create unifying platforms, via block chain technology, which will arise as a result of this Chinese global initiative.

JC has been able to establish valuable insights due to carefully nurturing connections with the key organisations responsible for developing infrastructure around the project.

Join JC in this superb opportunity to invest in exciting and innovative unique 21st Century opportunities. His track record speaks for itself.